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Template rules

Nossa empresa possui uma parceria oficial com a Meta e, como parte dessa colaboração, devemos seguir as regras estabelecidas por eles na criação de templates.


  1. The template must not contain offensive content;

  2. Always define the name of the template, the default is templatename_date = greetings_user_20230527;

  3. Your template message must contain a maximum of 1024 characters, including spaces;

  4. Only 1 media per template, be it image, video or doc;

  5. If there are buttons, between 1 and 3 three buttons are allowed;

  6. You can’t have templates with the same name, i.e. each new template must have a different name;

  7. If you have macros, they must be sequences, {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}}, {{4}}, {{5}}

  8. Average time for template approval on Facebook is 48 hours.

  9. Every template must have a message, it is not possible to send image-only templates.