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Release Notes

Discover the new features and improvements that will transform your experience!

July 2024:

  • When importing spreadsheets for AnnA notifications, the import warning will not show when all the records are invalid (it will show an error instead).
  • Media files will now check the MIMETYPE to identify the file extension.
  • Added a new parameter TIMEOUT_SCHEDULER_AFTER_ONE_HOUR to set the timeout for active executions.
  • Improved the performance of the AnnA notifications grid.
  • Added a new parameter GROUP_INACTIVITY_WARNING_LIMIT to set the limit in minutes for sending a warning.
  • Added the possibility to send immediately an active notification via Web Service
    • It needs to be sent to only 1 phonenumber
    • It can’t have a schedule date configured in the options
AnnA Messenger:
  • Added a loader when applying filters.
  • Request answers will now open beside the new request answer.
  • Removed the unexpected scroll from the grid.
  • Added new optional properties to identify the user (Corporate User):
    • Unique Document
    • Phone Number
AnnA Desk:
  • Fixed the resume behavior to not resume the service when the last message is an alert message.
  • Added new options for automatic timeout:
    • Last interaction
    • Last attendant interaction
    • Last client interaction
  • Added a new option to finish conversations after 24 hours.
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements.

June 2024:

  • Added button to select/deselect all items in the flows list
  • Added button to select/deselect all items when importing/exporting flows
AnnA Desk:
  • Fixed the last message visualization in the chat list
AnnA Messenger:
  • Added indicator to show the request transfers
  • Added new filters:
    • New combo to order requests by latest or oldest
    • New option to filter requests by answered
  • Now it is possible to share a request with other users that has the permission to visualize it
  • Now, the request will expire only if the attendant does not answer the request within due time.
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Security improvements in the login system

May 2024

  • Added new function PREVIEW_IMAGE to get the preview URL of an image
  • Now it is possible to use AnnA Functions in the Web Service callback URL
  • Added new function DESK_MESSAGE to return a previous registered message in a desk group
AnnA Desk:
  • Added button to copy the client phone number to the clipboard
  • Added new parameter to enable last message and who sent it to be shown in the chat list
  • Added new option to desk group configuration that controls attendants permission to view the chat history
  • Added new option to set the maximum number of paused services
  • When hitting the top limit of the chat, it will now get the chat history automatically
  • Changed the label from “Inactivity timeout” to “Alert timeout when the client interacts” in the default messages configuration
  • Added a summary at the top of the chat
  • Added an automatic message when the chat is finished by timeout
  • Fixed the visibility of the send button when uploading a new media
  • Fixed a bug that did not display the pause button correctly
  • Changed the behavior of pausing an service
    • When the service is paused, the client can be placed back in the queue
    • Now a paused service is not strictly linked to the original attendant
    • When the original attendant is offline, the client will return to the queue
      • If the queue is automatic, the client will be directed to an available attendant
    • When the original attendant is online, the client will return to the conversation automatically
  • Reactivated services are included in the service queue as high priority
AnnA Messenger:
  • Added support to upload webp files
  • Added thumbnails when uploading files
  • Added new parameter to set the survey images
  • Added new filter to search the requests that the attendant has interacted with
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements

April 2024 -

  • The values of “SessionDayTotal”, “SessionDayUsed” and “SessionDayAvailable” were fixed in the result of atemplatenotification web service
  • Added the status of the dispatch in the collection “RequestResult” returned by aannagetnotificationdata web service
AnnA Desk:
  • Added shortcuts to facilitate search of media/contacts/phrases
  • Added new option to pause the service, so you can pick up an additional service even if the limit of simultaneous services is active
  • Now it is possible to transfer to the same group
  • Performance improvement of the service notifications
AnnA Messenger:
  • Now it is possible to upload multiple files at once
  • Added the name of the person responsible in the title when answering a message
  • Added a button for the attendant to take responsibility for the request, even if he does not answer the client a first time
  • The requests will not be closed automatically anymore if they are not answered by the client and the attendant
  • The request screen will now close automatically when transfering the request
  • Fixed the routine for sending emails when spanish language is selected
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements

March 2024

  • Added new option to let Facebook decide if it will swap the category of the template if it does not meet the requirements of the selected category
  • Fixed the notification web service to return error when the template status is inactive
Flow Designer:
  • Moved the flow validation button to the left of the publish button, and now has validation and scheduling status icons:
    • Clock icon: Scheduled publication
    • Alert icon: Pending validation
    • Green icon: Validated
  • Added new column to the flow list to show the current status of the flow:
    • Published (Green icon)
    • Edited (Yellow icon)
    • Validated (Checked icon)
    • Scheduled (Clock icon)
  • New functionality available to schedule the publication of a flow
  • Now it is possible to execute the version 0 (zero) of a flow. Making it easier and flexible to test the flow before publishing it.
    • In case a flow is executed using @@@alias, it will be executed with the version 0 (zero)
    • All the flows called in the flow chain will be the version 0 (zero) of the designer
    • It will only be possible to execute flows with the status different than Edited or Deleted
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements

February 2024

Flow Designer:
  • Cross reference: Now it is possible check which flows are calling the current flow, as well as which flows the current flow makes call to
  • Improvements in flow import functionality:
    • Added a list of flows that are being imported
    • Now it is possible to select the flows that will be imported
    • New option to preview the flows that were imported
AnnA Scrap:
  • With the deprecation of the Tracking tool, AnnA Scrap no longer supports scheduled messaging
AnnA Desk:
  • The completion of the service will always follow the current configuration of the group
  • Removed the option to provide a summary of the service when finalizing it from the Desk node, now this configuration is only available in the group configurations
  • Added new option “Require summary of the service when finalizing it” to group configurations
  • When transfering the service to another group, now it is possible to choose an attendant
  • Added new option “Require attendant when transfering the service” to group configurations
    • If the company uses time tracking then it will show if the attendant is online or not
    • The configuration for maximum services by attendant will be ignored in this scenario
  • Added new option to limit the maximum number of services by attendant
    • If the attendant tries to initiate a new service manually, it will pop up an alert
    • If no attendants are available due to maximum services by attendant and the group is in automatic mode, the service will be queued and will be next one to be started
  • Added new option by attendant that determines if he can send templates in the group
    • If the user has the administrator role, the restriction will be ignored
  • Added new button for muting notifications
AnnA Messenger:
  • New tab for configuration of 4 global variables:
    • Department alias: If there is a configuration for the department alias and a department with this alias exists, the combo will come preselected with the department of this alias if the global variable for the user exists at runtime
    • Channel alias: If there is a configuration for the channel alias and a channel with this alias exists, the combo will come preselected with the channel of this alias if the global variable for the user exists at runtime
    • Title: If the title configuration exists and there is a global variable for the user at runtime, the title of the new request will be initialized with its value
    • Description: If the description configuration exists and there is a global variable for the user at runtime, the description of the new request will be initialized with its value
  • The values above will be checked when creating an occurrency from the AnnA Desk. If any value exists in the execution, it will be considered as teh default values for creating an occurrency
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements (2023.12)

New functions:
  • LASTEXECUTION(): Returns the GUID of the last execution
  • Added a new parameter ENABLE_GLOBAL_NEXTANSWER_ISVIDEO. When enabled it will verify if the next message is a video, if it is expected to be a video then the execution will continue
AnnA Messenger:
  • Added a new filter to visualize the top occurrency reports (Top 50, 100, 200, 500, All)
Other fixes and improvements:
  • General stability and performance improvements (2023.11)

New functions:
  • QRCODEREADER: Returns the value of a QRCode (From URL)
  • SUBSTRING: Split a string according to the start and end configuration
  • Fixed visibility of DeskDash and DeskWaiting icons in AnnA Robot mode (Mobile)
AnnA Messenger:
  • Added option to visualize all occurrency reports
  • Fixed the routine for resending the last e-mail to the client in the AnnA Messenger
  • Loader implementation when closing, transfering and resending e-mail
  • New page for occurrency transfer
  • Automatic refresh after transfering an occurrency
  • Now when an occurrency exceeds timeout it will be closed
  • New option to change Departments and Channels aliases
  • Consulting occurrency reports is now available in mobile layout
  • Added consistency to validate the client identification when creating an occurrency by the messenger attendant
  • Fixed the popup height in AnnA Messenger when creating an occurrency from a spreadsheet
  • New page for sending individual occurrency reports
  • New page for sending multiple occurrency reports
  • Adjustments in the layout of the email sending page
  • Fixed width of the Department/Channel dropdown when creating a new occurrency in AnnA Web
  • Attendants are now required to select Department/Channel when transfering an occurrency report
  • Attendants are now required to select Department/Channel when creating an occurrency in AnnA Web
AnnA Notifications:
  • File import
    • Fixed template name displaying incorrectly
    • Fixed the result of the import displaying incorrectly
  • Sending notifications
    • Fixed empty summary text when there was an import error
  • Editing notifications
    • Fixed the list of notifications being editable. This field is not editable and any changes would not take effect
  • Now it is possible to visualize the schedule date in the notifications tab
  • Fixed telegram notification send process
  • Template creation page - Adjustment in the “Provider” dropdown
    • Options Telegram/CloudAPI/Positus changed to Telegram/WhatsApp
Direct Mail:
  • New module for sending mass e-mails
  • Create custom e-mail templates
  • Configure the dispatch through the system or upload via a spreadsheet
  • Send immediately or schedule the dispatch for a specific date and time
Other fixes and improvements:
  • New dropdown “Provider” in the NotificationSender node
  • AnnA Web gallery will now show only the templates of the provider that the user is associated
  • Fixed telegram template preview
  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Added a new process to identify possible bot interactions

  • New configuration to transfer a client when outside working hours
  • New node for sending active notifications
AnnA Desk:
  • New tag assignment functionality
  • Automatic client service transfer when an attendant goes offline
  • Supervisors can now transfer all the clients of one attendant to another
  • Fixed multiple gallery upload button visibility
AnnA Messenger:
  • New tool to manage customer tickets
  • Notifications and interactions via email
  • Can be triggered via AnnA Flow or AnnA Desk
AnnA Corporate User:
  • New service for creating embedded chats with user authentication
  • For more details, click here
New functions:
  • QRCODEREADER: Scans the provided QR Code (URL format)
  • Fixed behavior in which the client’s language was incorrectly switched
  • Desk service summary not showing up when finishing the service
  • Fixed redirection to login screen when company logo was with invalid reference
  • Improved upload performance and spreadsheet consistency when submitting templates

AnnA Functions:
  • BARCODEREADER - Returns the code referring to the provided image link
  • HAS_EMOJI - Identifies if there are emojis in the provided text, and returns TRUE or FALSE
  • EMOJI_TO_ENCODED - Turns all emojis from given text into Unicode characters from html
Flow Designer:
  • Correction when editing the START node to remove the “ending type” property that only applies to the END node
  • Export now allows exporting the entire tree of dependent flows/configurations (Flows, WebService, Desk Groups)
Active notifications (Templates):
  • When sending, it is now possible to upload a spreadsheet that contains the phone list and variables
  • On the notifications screen, it is now possible to view the number of submissions and the daily submission limit
  • Adjustment of the new SECURITY_MODULE_REALEASE_NOTES module
  • Adjusting the default modules of a new company to include:
    • SECURITY_MODULE_REALEASE_NOTES: Developer, Supervisor, Attendant, IT Security
  • On the profiles screen, fixed the module counter that an Administrator has access to in the grid on the profile editing screen
AnnA Desk:
  • In the settings, a new column was added to identify automatic attendance.
  • Added Windows notification for Anna Desk
  • Added new configuration in Desk to restrict target groups at the time-of-service overflow
  • Added new default message for group out of service alert when trying to transfer to it
  • Added new chat history setting tab
  • Fix: Audio recording should stop when opening side components
  • Fixed bug when entering private mode after sending media, the message was sent to the user
  • Fixed notification routines for AnnA Web
  • Fixed situation in which the attendant could not continue the service due to the service showing as finished or overflowed.
  • Change in the configuration and replication panel of a user’s groups.
    • Mark all for change and save all options apply to all filtered data regardless of grid page
AnnA Desk Attendants:
  • Desk reworked and lighter
  • Focused only on service profiles
  • Streamlined workflow
  • New chat history for a customer

AnnA Functions:
  • New function GETMEDIAURL
  • New function Base64ToFile
  • SAVEMEDIABASE64 now returns a GUID
Active notifications (Templates):
  • Templates can now contain videos and documents
  • It is now possible to synchronize the templates with the registration on Facebook
  • New CloudAPI (Facebook) Template Synchronization screen
  • Changes to the template submission screen:
    • Fixed the visibility of the grid of macros used when sending to PHONENUMBER
    • Added grid of parameters used in sending to PHONENUMBER
    • Removal of the “List of Users” field from the submission query screen
    • Addition of pagination in the grid of numbers in the list of the sending query screen
    • Added new filter by status (All/Errors/Sent)
  • New columns in the list of active notifications:
    • Buttons: Yes/No
    • Images: Yes/No
    • Qty Num List: Number of numbers in the final list
    • Sent: Number of records sent
    • Errors: Number of records with errors
  • Addition of informative text regarding the shipping request in the shipping query screen. (Total List Numbers, Total Submissions, Errors)
  • Addition of image filter and buttons on the template registration screen
  • Added submission status filter on template submission query screen
  • Added filter for scheduled records “Notifications”
  • Adding the date/time to the template submission query screen
  • Added duplicate check in user list on template submission screen
  • Added verification of the use of the PHONENAME and LANGUAGE functions on the template submission screen
  • Changes in the templates submission screen to allow changing scheduled submissions that have not yet been carried out
  • Changing MULTIMEDIA node to accept dynamic media link
  • Improved performance of the template submission screen
  • Improved performance at the start/end of calls
  • Improved execution status changes and attendant status
  • Overall performance improvement for AnnA Web and AnnA Desk
  • Fixed multiple audios/videos “playing” at the same time in AnnA Web
  • Fixed display of special characters and emojis in OnnA Web
  • Correction where in the templates web service there was an error that aborted the execution
  • Fixes for tab views in AnnA Web
  • Fixes for link previews in AnnA Web
  • Fix for resetting text input field when changing AnnA Web service
  • Fixed text input field clearing when uploading media from gallery/upload in AnnA Web
  • Correction of answering the next in line when it is the attendant himself
  • Performance fix when accessing the media gallery
  • Canceling audio recording when switching executions
  • Fixed notification routines for AnnA Web
Other changes:
  • Removing the “Submission Test” from the template submission screen
  • Users with an administrator profile no longer have customizable access restrictions per module
  • Adjustment in profile maintenance screen
  • Alignment of icons in the text/audio input bar in AnnA Web

Web Service
  • Cross Reference - Option to list the flows that use the web service
  • Execution url setting option
    • Use URLs saved at the time of node configuration in the stream
    • Always use the URLs configured in the Web Service
New functions:
  • ENCURTURL(): Function that returns a shortened URL
  • Handling error messages when sending media not supported by the Provider
  • Shortener: URLs containing Comma ”,“
  • Conversion of media files and size restrictions.
    • Images are converted to PNG/JPG and compressed (No overall quality loss) for better upload performance
    • Videos are now converted to MP4 for better compatibility when sending to WhatsApp
    • Audios are now converted to MP3 for better compatibility when sending to WhatsApp
    • File sizes now follow Facebook rules:
      • Image: 5 MB
      • Video: 16 MB
      • Audio: 16 MB

AnnA Flow:
  • Added new property propDynamicResultParm to node DESK for error handling in DESK executions
  • Node DESK has been modified to enable the use of expressions for the group alias property
  • Implemented new feature for dynamic groups in node DESK
New Tools:
  • Business Intelligence
    • Integration with TDA from version 4.17 onwards
  • Facial Recognition (Node FR):
    • Three types of action
      • Check registration
      • Register
      • Facial recognition
Desk improvements:
  • Added quotations in AnnA Desk
    • Like WhatsApp, quoted messages or media will show in a box above the client message
  • New configuration option for dynamic desk groups
    • This feature aims to simplify the configuration when there are too many desk groups, avoiding having to add a new node for each desk group
  • New parameters (aiming to improve the performance in environments with large volumes of daily and/or ongoing calls)
    • DESK_NOTIF_GRID_NEW_MAX: Indicates the max default number of new calls in the notifications tab
    • DESK_NOTIF_GRID_PRIVATE_MAX: Indicates the max default number of privates messages waiting in the notifications tab
    • DESK_NOTIF_GRID_WAIT_MAX: Indicates the max default number of messages waiting in notifications tab
    • DESK_PRIVATEMSG_ENABLE_STATUS: Indicates the visibility of the grid of private messages waiting in the notifications tab
    • DESK_WAITMSG_ENABLE_STATUS: Indicates the visibility of the message waiting grid in the notifications tab
    • DESK_AUDIO_MIC_ENABLED: Enables to send audio to the client (From AnnA Desk)
  • SHIFT+Enter to add new line in the message (Attendant screen)
  • Now it is possible to paste media files (Images, documents, videos, …)
  • User management:
    • User Desk Profile View: Management of all User Groups
    • New option to clone a desk profile
  • Options to enable/disable:
    • Media Category
    • Media Gallery
    • Phrase Gallery
    • Contact Gallery
  • Send templates in desk:
    • Added processing of functions for the values entered in the DESK template submission WC
    • Added a menu in the template submission with the options “New” and “Sent”
  • New Status to enable/disable:
    • Media Category
    • Media Gallery
    • Contacts
    • Phrases
  • New functions:
    • DESKFINALIZATION: Returns the type of termination of the last call of the execution: TIMEOUT, USER, ATTENDANT
    • RANGE_RANDOM: Returns a random number
    • FIRSTINTERACTION: Returns the message/command that started the execution
    • ANSWERMEDIA: Returns the Media URL
    • DESKGROUPEXISTS: Checks if a desk group exists (to complement the use of Dynamic Desk Group)


  • Treatment of special characters: Questions, Alternatives, WebServices parameters
  • Question with Buttons format alternative, with inactive alternatives
  • AnnAWeb Fixes - Mobile
  • Automatic termination of expired flows with Desk in progress
    • In some situations, it was ending improperly
    • Termination by Timeout
      • Desk auto-end, only when Group is configured
      • Only ends execution of flows expired by timeout, without desk in progress
      • Finishes running flows from old versions, with no desk in progress
      • Ends execution of flows without interaction considering the parameter: AUTOMATIC EXPIRATION DAYS, without desk in progress
Desk improvements:
  • Improved performance of notifications
  • Improved multimedia sending performance
  • Supervisor can interact with the customer:
    • Configuration in the Group that allows the supervisor to interact with the customer without the need to transfer:
      • Allows to send message
      • Allows you to end service
      • In the chat, the origin of the shipment is identified, for the customer it is transparent
  • Attendant priority:
    • For Desk with automatic attendance indicates that the customer’s last attendant will be kept for the next service, if he is online, otherwise, it will enter the rules defined in the group: Service distribution criteria
  • Configuration of filters by environment:
    • DESK_CLEAR_FILTER_NOTIFY: Indicates whether the filters should be reset when an attendant clicks on a notification
    • DESK_GRID_SELECTED_FIRST: Indicates whether the selected chat is the first in the list
    • DESK_GRID_PERIOD_OPTION_ENABLED: Enables the option to filter the period with interactions only or independently of them
    • DESK_GRID_FILTER_SHOW_COMBO: If filled in, it must contain the numerical values for the “Visualize” filter separated by a comma. Eg: 15,50,100,500,1000
  • Filters - Sorting
    • Added sorting option by most recent (customer and/or attendant chat interaction)
New functions:
  • PROVIDERTYPE: Returns the client’s provider type:
    • W: WhatsApp
    • T: Telegram
    • M: Messenger
    • A: AnnAWeb
  • PROVIDER: Returns the Provider number
  • ADDGLOBAL: Adds a global variable for the phonenumber that is running
  • FLOWGLOBAL: Retrieves the global variable value for the running phonenumber
    • The Value is stored regardless of indefinite time.
    • The value is only changed with a new ADDGLOBAL
  • LASTSENTTEMPLATE: Returns the last active message sent to the phonenumber, parameter: TemplateName

  • Desk - Notifications*
  • Desk - Distribution of automatic assistance**
    • Idleness
    • Random
    • Queue
  • Question with Alternatives:
    • New formats of WhatsApp alternatives (Only in Provider Positus)
      • Button
        • Maximum 3 alternatives with up to 20 characters
        • Image or Video Optional
      • Selection List
        • Maximum 10 alternatives with up to 20 characters
  • Desk Filters:
    • Aiming to increase the chat selection area, and making the filter/search process more intuitive, it now has an icon that expands/retracts the search configuration area
  • Web Service:
    • Added control to continue or stop WS execution in case of error
    • Flow statistics - New icon on the home screen that accesses the Flow dashboard - Access profile control
    • Activity record - Allows you to enable/disable the recording of attendant activities - Allows you to consult the activity log - Purpose is to be able to display the status of the attendant (Online) in transfers, regardless of whether the group has automatic attendance
New functions:
  • DESK_AVAILABLE: Returns True/False if Attendance Group is available
  • DESK_WAITING: Returns the number of people in the queue waiting to be served
  • ISANONYMOUS: Returns True/False if Phonenumber is anonymous
  • REQUESTMEDIA_SIZEKB: Returns the file size in KB
  • REQUESTMEDIA_ATTEMPTS: Number of file upload attempts
  • REQUESTMEDIA: Returns True/False if the uploaded file is a valid type
  • MEDIAFILESIZEKB: Returns the file size in KB of the informed ALIAS (similar to the REQUESTMEDIA_SIZEKB function, but can be used in an essay question)
AnnA Web Anonym (NEW)
  • It is a native AnnA provider, where the user is not identified
  • It is an alternative to embedding the chat within the client application
  • You can embed a code to integrate the AnnA chat
    • URL: [BaseURL]/annaweb40anonimo.aspx?{Language},{Starting service}
    •,@quay prueba menu


  • In this case, the chat will open in Spanish by executing the flow @checkambiente,@checkambiente,@checkambiente
  • In this case, it will only open the chat in the Portuguese language:
Request Media Node:
  • Allows you to upload media and can control the media type and size
BI Node:
  • Configuration of the interface with TDA directly in AnnA
** Criteria for distribution of automatic assistance:
    • Choose the next online attendant who started a service in the group longer than the others, and this service must start after your login time.
    • If an attendant has no assistance in the group after logging in, it is considered the chosen one. The tiebreaker for other attendants in this same situation is who logs out first.
    • It considers the service group, as the queue is in order of the start time of new services in a given group.
    • Among the online attendants without active service (idle), choose the one that performed the fewest calls after your check-in.
    • If there are more than one idle attendant with the same number of services performed after your login, consider the one who has been logged in the longest
    • If there is no idle attendant, that is, everyone has at least one active service, choose the one with the fewest active calls.
    • If two or more non-idle attendants have the same number of active calls, consider the one with the last message longer in relation to the last messages of the others.
    • A service is considered active when messages have been exchanged within the last “20 minutes” (from the DESK_AUTOMATIC_ACTIVIT parameter) in the company, without considering the service group.
    • It does not consider the service group, as an attendant who serves more than one group may not be idle with active services in other groups.
    • Randomly chooses an attendant who is online and without any active service.
    • If there are no idle agents, that is, everyone has at least one active service, among the non-idle online agents, choose the one with the fewest active services.
    • If two or more non-idle attendants have the same number of active calls, consider the one with the last message longer in relation to the last messages of the others.
    • A service is considered active when messages have been exchanged within the last “20 minutes” (from the DESK_AUTOMATIC_ACTIVIT parameter) in the company, without considering the service group.
    • It does not consider the service group, as an attendant who serves more than one group may not be idle with active services in other groups.