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Performing Automatically Initiated chat

Understanding Automatically Initiated Customer chat

Unlike traditional customer chat, where customers are subjected to a queue when they request a chat, automatic customer chat directs the customer to talk to the attendant the moment they request it, i.e. the moment the customer requests a chat it will be initiated automatically for the attendant, without having to pull them out of the queue.

What do you need to do?

Automatic routing is only carried out when the attendant is online on the platform and to inform the system that the attendant is online, they must carry out a Check-In when they start their activities, and then a Check-Out when they finalise their chat journey.

Carrying out Check-In and Check-Out

When the attendant accesses the ANNA WEB screen, they will notice that their telephone icon in the conversations section will be red, indicating that they are Offline. To check in and go online, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Properties icon, 3 dots, on the chat toolbar to the left of the Tinkerbell icon;
  2. Go to the Activity Log section. This is where you will mark your entry and exit;
  3. To carry out the Check-In or Check-Out, click on the Confirm icon at the end of the Comment field. The comment field is optional; in it you can state the reason why you are carrying out the check-in or check-out procedure.

Check out the step-by-step image 👇

Check-In and Check-Out Step-by-Step

Answering an Automatically Initiated Call

With the Check-In carried out, any calls that are requested will now be initiated automatically for the attendant. Whenever a call is initiated automatically, the attendant will be notified audibly and the conversation will be displayed in the list of conversations on the left-hand side of the screen.

Automatically initiated

Attending in automatic format with a limit on active attendances

If the group you are attending has a limit on the number of active attendances an attendant can attend simultaneously, once this limit is reached, the attendant will not be able to receive new attendances until they finish or pause one of the active attendances in progress. Check out how to pause a call by clicking here.

Attendance limit reached, new attendants being directed to the queue