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Pause Chat

If your service model is automatic distribution and the group you are serving has set a limit on the number of calls you can handle simultaneously, when you reach this limit, you will not receive or be able to pull the next call, unless you pause one of the calls you are handling.

During a call, if the customer you are serving is idle for a while, you can choose to pause that call and thus be available to receive or pull a next call from the queue. This pause can be manual or automatic, but in order for it to be automatic, it needs to be configured in the group.

In the example in the image, an attendant can only have 2 simultaneous active appointments. The attendant has already reached the limit and so a call has been sent to the queue. To pause an appointment and pull the next one from the queue, do the following:

  1. Select the call you want to pause and, in the toolbar, click on the blue play button to change from active progress to paused progress.
  2. When you pause the call, if there is already another call waiting in the queue, it will be directed to your conversation automatically. The customer now has 2 active appointments and 1 paused appointment.

Pause Chat.